Weed Seeds: Willie Nelson has been arrested for marijuana possession

The famous country star Willie Nelson has been arrested for possession of marijuana. He has been charged with a misdemeanour in Texas, rather than a full blown felony. Even so there has been an outcry of fellow celebrity support for the old school singer. Including rapper Snoop dog, who has collaborated with Nelson in the past. In 2008 the pair recorded the song “my medicine”, as an ode to their favourite plant.

The 77year star was arrested after his tour bus had been pulled over on a random vehicle search, designed to find illegal immigrants. Instead they found a small amount of weed and duly arrested the OAP.  Willie could now be facing a year in jail and a $4,000 fine, raising the question of does the crime really warrant the time?

Willie Nelson has long been associated with weed in all its various forms and associated culture. For example there are many parallels between him and the character “the truth” in the epic game GTA San Andreas. The whole culture that surrounds the plant is phenomenal and can be seen as a uniting people across the generations. This is epitomised by the relationship between a hip star and a folk singer. Collectable weed seeds are a great way to own a piece of the vast pot culture that has developed.

Collecting these items of memorabilia allows you an easy way to connect with the great heritage surrounding the product. One of the best things about starting this collection, it the sheer variety of weed seeds that you can buy. There are all sorts of variants, which have been specifically bred for different purposes. It really is amazing the different strands, which have been developed over the years: ranging from seeds that would produce large yields, higher strength variants to strains which produce a more mellow flavour.  One factor to consider when buying a weed seed for your collection is to ensure authenticity; otherwise your collection may be worthless. Most genuine retailers will offer to send your seed with a piece of the original wrapping attached, therefore providing proof of authenticity.