This article explores the connection between seeds and their narcotic effects whilst giving a brief history on feminized seeds

When cannabis seeds are ingested, they will enter your stomach along with the other food you eat. Subsequently, they will be absorbed into the blood stream, the effects are therefore the same as if the seeds were sampled in any other form, and the properties will simply take a little longer to occur. As a result, although cannabis seeds are not illegal in many parts of the world it is necessary to be aware that they are as capable of providing a small buzz like a small drag of marijuana in many other forms.

Feminized seeds, are the same as cannabis seeds in this respect, they are able to produce the same effects as consuming marijuana in any other form. Feminized seeds are however, specifically grown as an enhanced type of seed. If you are a seed collector then feminized seeds can be a great addition to anyone’s marijuana seed collection. It is possible to buy feminized seeds in single seed form as well as in packs. Although packs are more cost effective if you are simply looking to add that new and great feminized seed to your collection then single seeds could be what you are looking for. Some strains of feminized seeds include Acapulco Gold – a Barney’s Farm seed, Buddha’s Sister and Cannabis Cup winner 2009 Vanilla Kush.

Other seeds that also contain a form of narcotics include ground nutmeg, which is seemingly a lot more innocent than a cannabis seed. Typically, people who use ground nutmeg in their cooking are unlikely to realise that it is full of an organic compound called myrsticin. If ground nutmeg is eaten in a big enough quantity then it is possible to have not only hallucinations but also suffer other side effects that are usually associated with getting high, such as a warming sensation through your limbs. However, consider this before consuming too much; there are unpleasant side effects such as dizziness, nausea as well as a terrible hangover.

Poppy seeds are in fact seeds from the opium poppy, which is the very same flower that is responsible for a large portion of the drug trade world-wide. Some strains of these seeds are even banned in several countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Before passing up on that poppy seed bagel though, it is important to remember that these seeds contain only tiny amounts of opium.

If you are looking to expand your seed collection to include some feminized seeds then Worldwide Marijuana Seeds have a great selection to choose from, including the types named above.