The history of marijuana seeds and their connection to the medical world

The word “marijuana” does not have specific origins, some claim that is comes from the Mexican translation of “Mary Jane”, while others maintain that “marihuana” is derived from the Portuguese word: marigu-ano – meaning “intoxicant”. This article will explore the diverse uses of marijuana through time; it will also look at its use in medicine and its use as an intoxicating substance. In truth, however you look at the history of marijuana or marijuana seeds; it has had a colourful and sometimes controversial past and still creates divided opinion today as a topic of conversation.

Although it is possible to claim that marijuana as a by-product of marijuana seeds shot to our attention in the 1960’s it is actually fair to say that the 3,000 year history connected with marijuana tells us more. That is, its shot to fame in the 1960’s was merely a contemporary reaction to something which in its past had been used for such things as a source of fibre and as a plant used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Yet, until roughly 500 A.D marijuana was only typically used as a mind-altering drug in India. Following this, over the course of the coming centuries, it reached the Middle and Near East then moved across North Africa and seemed to enter the United Stated in the early decades of the 20th century after appearing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

There is a significant amount of information available on the medical use of marijuana, this article and any subsequent articles will briefly explore the main points in this regard. From the earliest record of the use of cannabis nearly 5,000 years ago, until today its therapeutic use has been noted, especially for both its physiological and psychological effects. It is possible to claim that both Chinese and Indian cultures have known of the properties of this drug for the longest, with travellers, traders and adventurers picking up and passing on this information. Some historians claim that in Persia and Arabia cannabis was first used as an antiseptic and analgesic.

Marijuana was introduced into European medicine not long after Napoleon invaded Egypt. This is when marijuana became widely accepted by Western medical practitioners as other medical uses of the plant were developed and spread throughout the world. There is evidence that in between 1840 -1890 in the United States there were more than 100 articles published that recommended marijuana for one ailment / disorder or another.

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