Single seeds: A little bit more about marijuana

Worldwide Marijuana Seeds is your one stop shop for all your single seeds requirements. If you are building a collection of marijuana seeds you may be interested in learning more about the plant your seed came from. You are probably already partially interested in marijuana if you have started your own single seeds collection. Marijuana refers to the psychoactive product of certain species of the Cannabis genus (specifically C. sativa and C. indica).  Human use of marijuana dates back to times before recorded history.  There is evidence in the form of charred cannabis seeds dating as far back as the Neolithic age from burial sites.  Its historical uses were largely ritualistic/ religious, but the plant was introduced to the United States in the early 19th century by migrant Indian labourers.  During the 20th century, its recreational use in Western countries rose steadily. During the counterculture revolutions of the 60's, popular attitudes on marijuana were changed drastically and many people began to try it.  Lifetime use statistics indicate that by about 1980 70- 80% of all adults had tried marijuana at some time, and this number has remained relatively stable.  Marijuana is currently illegal in many countries but there is a growing interest in its legalization for medical purposes.

Many people claim that marijuana causes cancer.  It is important to note that no study has demonstrated any link of marijuana use to an increased risk of cancer.  Chemical constituents of marijuana smoke are known carcinogens, but nearly every single organic/ man-made food product you eat has naturally occurring carcinogenic chemicals.  Carcinogens alone do not precipitate cancer.

Marijuana's effects are primarily induced by the chemical compound, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.  Though its effects are often ascribed entirely to this chemical, the effects are profoundly affected by a number of other compounds present in the plant material.  Its effects and duration are strongly affected by dosage, method of consumption, individual tolerance, and genetic factors.  The effects are so varied from person to person and from use to use that it is difficult to qualify.

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