Marijuana seeds, what are the facts?

As the web grows so does the amount of information you can find on there, however typically there can be some confusion around marijuana seeds and other related terms, such as cannabis seeds. Marijuana seeds are widely advertised on the Web and typically people have strong opinions either in support or against the topic as a whole. Your views may fall on either side of the fence, but there is no need for any confusion surrounding marijuana seeds and its terms and so on.

To begin, looking at cannabis and marijuana seeds in history, basically cannabis is a plant that has been both grown and sued for thousands of years by many different cultures. The specific origins of the plant have been largely disputed as have the reasons behind its first purpose, however it has been grown for the following uses: as a fibre and natural material, known as hemp and as a medicinal, religious or recreational drug. Typically there is only one variety of cannabis that is suited to kemp production. When the plant is processed as a medicinal or recreational drug however, it acquires a variety of names which include marijuana, skunk, hash, weed and so on. This variety may have developed with the product and its form, or how it has been treated. This is similar for the term marijuana seeds as some people use it interchangeably with cannabis seeds whereas others use the term for specific seeds that will produce specific plants.

What are the legalities surrounding marijuana seeds and the cannabis plan then? There are differences of opinions surrounding the reasons why, but since the beginning of the twentieth century the growing of cannabis has been illegal in numerous industrialised countries. For some countries there is no scope within this, in others however, the use of cannabis for hemp production, may be legal if a licence is possessed whereas for recreational purposes and other reasons production of the plant is typically illegal. Despite this some countries some countries may allow the plant to be grown for botanical or specimen purposes. To understand specific laws it is necessary to check government legislation.  In the UK however, it is legal to both buy, sell and possess marijuana seeds but it is illegal to possess, sell, produce or import the drug in any form.

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