Marijuana Seeds: The World’s first marijuana vending machine.

Marijuana Seeds are collected by many individuals all around the world, here at The Single Seed Centre we source and sell the highest quality marijuana seeds for collection purposes only. We also take an enthusiastic interest in the culture surrounding marijuana, hitting the news recently was the creation of the world’s first marijuana vending machine.

New Zealand's first marijuana club has just installed a vending machine to dispense the drug to prevent any members of the group being charged for dealing, the vending machine is like an ordinary one that would sell snacks and drinks but they have been removed and replaced with one gram bags of marijuana. The vending machine was put in place following the founder of the club, Dakta Green, being jailed in June 2011 for possessing, selling and allowing the warehouse to be used for drug taking. The club opened in November 2008 and is called the Daktory, named after its founder, and is based in West Auckland. Since Dakta was imprisoned the club has actually re-opened as the headquarters for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml).
The Daktory is a large converted factory with pool tables, table tennis and seating areas where members of the group can meet up and smoke marijuana. The group also own a bus named the Mary Jane or the ‘Cannabus’, every Sunday at 4.20pm the group hotbox the Cannabus, which holds the world record for the most people to hotbox a bus. The marijuana club is a community controlled, adults-only, not-for-profit social club providing a comfortable environment where cannabis users can meet and relax. Members of the club believe that the group is a good way of keeping cannabis users safe from harm.
As previously stated here at The Single Seed Centre , we do not condone the cultivation or use of marijuana or any other drugs. Our products are for collection purposes only. If you are an avid collector of marijuana seeds, we are certain that you will find something in our range to enhance your collection such as something from Barneys Farm like Blue Cheese, Acapulco Gold, Pineapple Chunk or Tangerine Dream.