Marijuana seeds: The 24th High Times Cannabis Cup is raided by Dutch police.

This year has seen many changes for the Dutch as the conservative government came into action, one of the changes being the closure of numerous coffee shops in the southern areas of the country to so-called “weed tourists”, meaning people who travel to the Amsterdam in order to partake in the smoking of marijuana, as possession of the drug is legal in the country. There has been much speculation that right wing officials are looking to prohibit tourists from using the marijuana selling coffee shops in the near future, however the opposition has declared that this could cost the country millions of dollars a year in revenue.

The most recent marijuana seeds news comes from the annual High Times Cannabis Cup, in its 24th year the event has been subjected to closure after the police raided the event. Reports state that over 200 police were involved in the raid which took place just before 4.20pm on November 23rd. The police quickly separated the attendees from the exhibitors who were told to stay at their stands. Officers have been described as being polite and efficient all were armed but no guns were drawn during the process. The reason behind the raid seemingly stemmed from an undercover operation the previous day which saw that the Expo, which took place at a sports hall in the Zuidoost suburb of Amsterdam, was in violation of the Opium Act.

Everyone at the event was searched, under Dutch law it is legal to sell up to 5 grams of marijuana for personal use in licensed coffee shops, per day, per person, but one man who was carrying 700 grams of the drug was arrested. According to eye-witnesses tax officials were present in order to question stallholders about their products, sales and receipts. It took police roughly two hours for police to clear the hall and everyone was searched before they were allowed out of the hall and all of the marijuana and hash present was confiscated.

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