Marijuana seeds: Stoner Novels?

Collections of marijuana seeds are just a small part of the culture surrounding cannabis. Music and films are often the most referenced aspects of this marijuana culture, yet stoner novels offer a fantastic insight into this world. For many collectors of marijuana seeds, the fascination lies within the subtleties of breeding and development of the seed’s genus. So we here at the Single Seed Centre, thought that with this highbrow attitude, it would be a good idea to investigate a few stoner novels. Check them out, when you take a break from tending to your collection of weed seeds.

First up is T.C Boyle’s Budding Prospects, which features marijuana as the central role throughout. The story is broadly the tale of three sharecroppers working with the view of receiving a cut of the profits. The story encapsulates humour and farce in this delightful tale of false hope.
Next is the Invisible Man (1952) by Ralph Ellison. This novel is broader than budding prospects, with the civil rights being the central theme. This narrative follows the trials and tribulations of a black man in 1930’s New York. This novel makes the list, due to the protagonist’s relationship with weed, while listening to the music of Louis Armstrong.
King Suckerman by George Pelecanos is the second instalment of Pelecanos’ DC Quartet. This tale is a comedy romp which is heavy on the atmospheric detail involved in the portrayal of a small time pot dealer, trying to retain a stash of stolen drug money.
The memoir by Charles Baudelaire entitled Artificial Paradises, is a given for inclusion in this roll call of stoner style novels by the Single Seed Centre. This book was written by the French poet in 1860, and details the effects of wine, opium and hashish on a grand scale, including accounts of hallucinations. Baudelaire uses this work to contrast the effects of his drugs of choice and to document the vices that would ultimately lead to the poet’s demise.  
Wonder Boys by Micheal Chabon, is the last entry on our list. This novel is one of the more recent entries, dating from 2008. The novel is a fantastic parody of the American fame factory, combined with a portrayal of desire from both the old and young perspectives. The elder character, Grady, is a study of a previously prodigious writer, who enjoy the use of marijuana, as inspiration.
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