Marijuana Seeds: Samuel L Jackson ‘one great bud of Hulk’

Most of us recently will associate the award winning actor Samuel Jackson with the recently premiered film ‘The Avengers’. In an interview discussing the film Samuel referred to smoking marijuana.  ‘The Avengers’ has so far been very successful making a staggering $200.3 million in ticket sales in just the first few days of being released.  Here at The Single Seed Centre we recommend this film to those who appreciate collecting marijuana seeds, the film is visually stimulating as is the fantasy superhero driven plot. Samuel Jackson suggested appreciating this film after smoking the drug (we do not condone this behaviour and would like to remind our readers it is illegal), he was reported to have said ‘I’m just going to say it straight out. You should see The Avengers after smoking ‘one great bud of Hulk.’ As seed collectors we certainly find the reference to smoking ‘Hulk’ interesting and relative given the characteristics of Hulk being green and strong. 

Samuel Jackson has performed in 140 films and has clearly been subjected to a lot of interviews/ press releases like this, fans have suggested that perhaps he was just ‘fed up’ of talking about the film at this point in the interview. 
Samuel is a very popular and loved film star and considering he is 63 he certainly has aged well despite recently confessing to a past which involved drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking marijuana. The film star started indulging in drugs and alcohol in ‘70’s New York. When discussing why he was claimed to say ‘I liked the feeling of not being cognisant of what was going on around me’. Samuel Jackson went further than smoking weed and recreationally took cocaine too. The actor since has shared his shame with the public having taken these drugs in his family home whilst his wife and daughter were present. Despite the revelations in ‘The Avengers’ interview Samuel Jackson claims to now to be completely clear of drink and drugs.
Here at The Single Seeds Centre we now see ‘Hulk’ in quite a different way. If you are a fan of ‘Hulk’, superhero films and Samuel Jackson then you may indeed be interested in investing in buying some marijuana seeds to add to your collection. We have a great collection including Green House Super Bud and our delivery service is discreet.