Marijuana Seeds: Roll Me Up!!

Here at Single Seed Centre we like to keep you up to date with the latest news surrounding the culture of marijuana and marijuana seeds from around the world. Recently hitting the news was the release of a new song from rapper Snoop Dogg and country singer Willie Nelson, the musical pair have joined forces in creating a pro-marijuana track which has been named ‘Roll Me Up’.
The new track was released on the 20th April, which is very appropriate as this is the counterculture holiday in America ‘4/20’, this is a day where many marijuana users like Snoop and Willie join together to smoke the substance. The song also features singers Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson and some of the lyrics include ‘Roll me up and smoke me when I die, and if anyone don’t like it just look them in the eye’, the song is very much in carrying the country theme of Willie Nelson’s music. This isn’t the first time Willie and Snoop have collaborated on a track, in 2008 Snoop went out and performed with Willie on his tour in Amsterdam, the musical couple performed the track ‘I ain’t Superman’.
Both Willie and Snoop have been linked to the drug over the years, Willie is even the Co-Chairman of the National Organisation for the reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), he also created the TeaPot party which hold the motto ‘Tax it, regulate it and legalize it!’. Over the years Willie and Snoop have also both been in trouble with the law for their use and possession of the illegal drug, most recently Snoop was arrested on January 7th 2012 for possession of marijuana after it was found on his tour bus by border control agents. 
At the Single Seed Centre we are the marijuana seeds specialist, we do not condone the cultivation of the marijuana seeds we sell, they are purely for collection purposes only. If you are looking for a seed to enhance your collection you will find it here. One of our very popular collections comes from Barney’s Farm, why not try Top Dawg, Red Dragon, Tangerine Dream or Sweet Tooth.