Marijuana seeds: Online developments

Marijuana seeds online and other developments within the world of marijuana culture.

Selling high quality marijuana seeds online, at competitive prices is what we do here at Worldwide seeds. A large part of this is dedicating time to sourcing the best breeds and strains from the top seed banks across the globe. We take time to ensure that our seeds are indicative of the latest innovations within the field of marijuana seeds. That is why you will find the back catalogue of Cannabis Cup and other High Times prize winners available in store today. We also have a great selection of up and coming cannabis seeds from the top seed banks such Sensi Seeds and Barney’s Farm. Buying your seeds online is a great way to ensure quality, while keeping your costs low. While it may be tempting to try and purchase seeds from less reputable sources, buying from Worldwide seeds ensures that you will always receive the exact product that you have ordered in pristine condition.

Collecting marijuana seeds is a great way to invest in the wider field of cannabis culture.  As such, we also dedicate a proportion of our time to investigating this interesting world of marijuana. This research covers all aspects of the culture including news stories, health benefits and popular culture references. This research can be found in the various articles currently on our site. Within our research we recently stumbled across the rise of development of marijuana related Apps available on the Android Market. We were naturally curious about what these Apps had to offer and were pleasantly surprised to find a mix of playful games celebrating weed and also tools for discovering new strains and sharing marijuana news. With the new developments within the Android Market, that has seen the product range grow to match that of the dominant iTunes Store, there is also a decent selection of books and films available for handheld devices. Naturally, considering our predilection towards marijuana seeds, it is no surprise that we were drawn to the various marijuana encyclopaedias and strain guides. While some of these apps cost a few dollars, a large selection was free, like with all Apps the quality varied wildly from developer to developer.  The concept of having an up to date and easily accessible method of investigating the new developments in marijuana seeds, is for us a really fantastic tool.