Marijuana seeds news: Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

Here at The Single Seed Centre, we do not condone the germination of any of our products, our marijuana seeds are for collection purposes only. Our customers are fans of marijuana seeds and therefore marijuana culture, and on this basis we have composed this article.
The US has seen a recent move by the state or Oregon to regulate marijuana as well as reinstate hemp. It is believed by the supporters of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act that by regulating and controlling the public and non-medical use of marijuana will have a similar effect as the end of the prohibition on alcohol and therefore will help to wipe out crime relating to the drug. They believe that restoring hemp, which would be made from marijuana seeds as well as the plant stems would aid resources in terms of fuel, fibre and food, moreover it is felt that this move would put Oregon firmly at the cutting edge of new sustainable green industries and as a result will also create a high volume of jobs. 
It is proposed that the pioneering Act would:
Regulate the legal sale of marijuana via licensed shops. 
License Oregon farmers would grow marijuana for state-licensed shops.
Allow adults to grow their own marijuana.
Allow unlicensed Oregon farmers to grow cannabis hemp for fuel, food and fibre.
Raise an estimated $140 million a year through tax on commercial sales of cannabis to adults aged 21 and over.
Save roughly $61.5 million on law enforcement, corrections and judicial costs. 

Other indirect benefits are said to include:
Increased public safety.
Restoring respect for the law.
Creating environmentally sustainable jobs.
90% of the proceeds will go into the state general fund, with 7% specifically for drug treatment programs, 1% for drug education within public schools and 1% each for 2 commissioners promoting hemp bio fuel as well as hemp fibre and food. 
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