Marijuana seeds: Indica or Sativa for medicinal purposes

The Single Seed Centre offers a fantastic selection of marijuana seeds, which will make perfect additions to anyone’s weed seed collection. As a larger part of our industry ethos, we naturally take an interest in the medicinal benefits of marijuana.
As such, we have written this article to investigate the medicinal benefits of indica and sativa strains. Before we start, perhaps a brief note on the strains would be useful.  There are three main strains of Marijuana seeds; indica, sativa and ruderalis representing different genetic lines and traits, in a similar fashion to breeds in animal taxonomy.  Ruderalis is generally not used, as the pure plants contain only traces of THC.  Satvia plants are generally lower in THC levels than indica and develop tall plants with narrow leaves. Indica plants are stockier plants, with broad leaves and have a high Cannabidiol (CBD) content, which tends to produce less psychoactive results. We stock marijuana seeds of all of these strains, if you are looking to diversify your existing seed collection.
So which is best in terms of medical use? Well the answer is not clear; if you head onto the numerous online forums, you will find numerous threads debating this topic without ever drawing a conclusive point. Due to the cerebral high of sativa cannabis, in terms of day time medicinal usage, they offer an advantage over the whole body effects of Indica’s. One of the recommended usages if for people suffering from anxiety problems, as the smoke can generate strong feelings of wellbeing and confidence. Whereas, the “couch lock” or muscle relaxing properties of the indica offer the best pain relief solution for maladies such as arthritis and other joint issues. This is also the best choice for a medicinal smoke, when looking for relief from insomnia. Alternatively, if you are looking for the ultimate marijuana seed for a holistic medicinal plant, then why not try a hybrid? White berry has been listed among the top 16 medicinal marijuana strains. With berry notes and a ratio of 75/25 indica to sativa, these weed seeds are a great choice.
At the single seed centre, we supply marijuana seeds as collector’s items only and do not condone the use of products for any other purpose.