Marijuana Seeds: Hemp Milk

Here at the Single Seed Centre we are always interested in the ways in which marijuana seeds are used and appreciated. Although the notion of hemp milk has been around for a few years, it is not used as extensively as other dairy replacement products. Hemp milk is a perfectly legal, healthy alternative to dairy or indeed soya. 
The Hemp seeds are simply soaked and ground into water creating a ‘nutty’ alternative to your standard milk.
Hemp milk is perfectly suitable to use in tea or coffee. It’s low in saturated fat, easy to digest and cholesterol free. Also because there is no Soya or Dairy in it, there’s no need to worry about causing a hormonal imbalance, causing bloating feelings in your tummy or a risk of eating GM foods!  
Hemp milk is also a healthy alternative to soya and dairy as it is full of nutritional value including organic protein, Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Hemp milk benefits also include:
- Strengthened immune system
- Healthy skin, hair and nails
- Strong, healthy heart
- Increased mental capacity.
How to make your own Hemp Milk:
- Combine water and Shelled Hemp Seeds in a blender. Use more water to achieve a skim milk consistency and less water to produce a heavier cream consistency of the milk.
- Blend the ingredients together until you reach your desired consistency. 
- After blending you can sweeten the milk by adding honey, vanilla or flavoured syrup. Blend again to mix sweetener. You can drink it thick or strain it to remove the large seed particles. The seed pulp can then be used as an excellent body scrub, facial mask or compost.
- Finally, refrigerate and enjoy!
Before attempting to make your very own hemp milk we suggest you seek advice to ensure that the seeds you are using are the most suitable for this process. The marijuana seeds we sell at the Single Seed Centre are of a very high quality and if you are a collector of seeds then you may certainly want to add our seeds to your collection. Some of our most popular seeds include Green House Exodus Cheese and the award winning Barney’s Farm range. We must also stress that we do not condone the cultivation of marijuana seeds, they are for collection purposes only.