Marijuana Seeds: Fascination of Plants Day!

This month has seen the first ever Fascination of Plants Day, the day has been created by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) and aims at celebrating the importance of the development of plant science in relation to our future food and energy supplies as well as discovering how plants can be used medicinally. We wonder if marijuana and marijuana seeds have had a mention?? One bi-product of cannabis, hemp, has many different uses and has been used for thousands of years. 

Research headed by James Meredith and his team at Warwick University has shown that hemp may be a viable alternative in producing a fibre to replace carbon fibre when creating the body work for high-performance cars. These types of cars are built from carbon fibre compounds, which are able to absorb high-energy impacts whilst remaining lightweight. The problem is that carbon fibres are energy-intensive to make; this is why scientists are looking for natural replacements such as hemp. Earlier this year, James Meredith's research team reported that hemp compound material performed as well as expensive carbon fibre composites in impact tests. Amazingly the first prototype hemp car has been created by Canadian company Motive Industries that have named it The Kestrel. Marijuana seeds and marijuana really do have so many uses.
Keeping on the car theme in relation to plants, Zayed Al-Hamamre and his research team at the University of Jordan have found that ground spent coffee may be used to create a biodiesel to fuel cars. Spent coffee produces approximately 10% oil which is the useful product needed to create a bio-fuel.
Here at The Single Seed Centre we known how fascinating plants are and we are very excited about a day being dedicated to acknowledge how special and helpful they are. If you are looking for some marijuana seeds to enhance your collection, look no further. We have a huge collection for you to choose from including a range from Green House Seeds such as Alaskan Ice, Big Bang, Himalaya Gold, and Lemon Skunk. We must stress however that our fabulous seeds are for collection purposes only, we do not condone the germination of the seeds we sell.