Marijuana Seeds: Connotations of medical marijuana for drivers

Here at the Single Seed Centre, we take an avid interest in all things related to marijuana seeds and cannabis culture in general. Our seeds are sold as souvenirs/ novelty items only, if you want further information check out the laws pertaining to weed seeds in your own country. As such when we came across an interesting article about the effect of medical marijuana on the ability to drive, we thought it may be of interest to our customers. To this end we have assimilated the original with a number of other salient points in order to create a concise summary for your reference. So why not take a brief respite from browsing our extensive collection of marijuana seeds and check out the following article?
We would like to start this article with the blanket statement, that we do not endorse driving in an intoxicated state. The general point of the article was the supposed catch-22 surrounding the use of medical marijuana and driving. Many people use medical marijuana in order to alleviate symptoms of diseases such as arthritis and other joint related maladies. While many users claim that they would not consciously smoke and then drive, the question is if they smoke twice a day to alleviate symptoms, is the level of THC in their system too high for them to drive? This is further antagonised by the states across America, failing to have a cohesive strategy for assessing if people are stoned. The most common practice across the states is officer observation, followed by a blood test. This has numerous flaws including human observation/bias and the time taken to take the suspect to a facility to have a sample taken. Another key flaw to the blood test is that marijuana stays in the blood stream for hours, even after the high has long gone. This then raises the relevance of blood tests, as an indication of impairment that would affect driving. There is a great deal of discussion surrounding the creation of a fixed limit of marijuana in a blood sample, as a means of prosecution, however, an answer has yet to be found. Scientists are currently working on a test using the saliva of a suspect, which determines how recent the smoke was ingested. This when combined with the blood data, would offer a more holistic view of the drivers current intoxication status.
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