Marijuana Seeds: can Marijuana help sufferers of Parkinson’s?

Recently there has been much research regarding whether marijuana and marijuana seeds can be used for medical benefits and healing. This is not surprising considering marijuana was considered medicinal for many years in many different cultures particularly in China. Marijuana in the Chinese culture was used to cure many diseases and ailments including muscle pain, side effects of menstruation and constipation.

Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition and despite extensive research the cause of Parkinson’s is unknown and as of yet there is no cure for the disease. Over one million people in America suffer the symptoms of this disease. Although Parkinson's disease is not known to directly kill the sufferer the symptoms can be quite unbearable, it is claimed that marijuana can help. Research suggests that over half of Parkinson’s sufferers who have tried using marijuana have found it helps relieve painful symptoms. A study in the Czech Republic found sufferers claiming many therapeutic advantages of using the drug. For instance 38% claimed to feel a relief of muscle rigidity, 31% of sufferers found that the drug had a positive impact on tremors, and a staggering 46% said that their symptoms generally improved and they were able to experience a more fulfilled lifestyle. Some of the unbearable symptoms usually incurred include; a resting tremor, here the individual will have uncontrollable shaking of a limb usually the hand when it is resting and muscular stiffness and rigidity these effect simple everyday activities which ordinarily we take for granted.

Marijuana in today’s culture is often enjoyed illegally for its euphoric effects. Here at The Single Seed Centre we sell marijuana seeds for collection purposes only. However we are pleased to discover that the drug is in some countries being considered, and in others even prescribed to benefit the lives of those who are suffering some unbearable side effects of the disease. Research suggests that it is the THC component of the drug which benefits the user. Interestingly it was found that the longer the sufferer used the drug the more effective the sensation of relief. The result of the survey in the Czech Republic showed that after around a month the patient started to feel the benefits and those using marijuana for 3 months or more found that the relief was more intense and sustained. Most of the anonymous sufferers took the drug orally in the form of leaves; understandably it would be difficult to implement smoking marijuana for medicinal reasons as smoking has been found in many studies to have a negative impact on one’s health.

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