Marijuana Seeds: 4:20

Marijuana seeds are obviously our main focus here at The Single Seed Centre, we stock hundreds of seeds available as both single seeds and in full packs. We carefully select the best strains, which have been carefully bred by the world’s premier seed banks for their individual qualities. Take for example the B52 from Nirvana, which has been crafted to have high yields and thanks to its sativa content a sweet tasting smoke.
At worldwide, however, we like to take a holistic approach to life and as such take time to learn about marijuana culture, as a whole rather than just focusing on marijuana seeds. The use of 4:20 as a marijuana reference has been around for some time and we plan to discover why in this article. The oracle that is Wikipedia, tells us that the earliest use was by a group of teenagers who set out to find an abandoned marijuana crop. So far, so famous 5! The kids codenamed their mission “4:20 Louis”, as that was the time chosen to meet up by the statue of Louis Pasteur, which was located outside their school. After a number of failed attempts to find the crop the term was shortened to simply 4:20, this has been absorbed into general marijuana culture as a code for pot-smoking in general.  
The editor of High Times magazine further chose to aid the growth of the term 4:20, by writing a piece that declared that, 16:20 was the time from which it was socially acceptable to smoke. Collecting marijuana seeds is a great way to pass the time before 4:20. You may be thinking to yourself, that the tale above cannot possibly be the whole story. How on earth did the term spread from a small group of crazy teens, hell bent on adventure, to a worldwide phenomenon? Well the kids were based in the town of San Rafael, which is an area that has strong connections with the band Grateful Dead. The band have an incredibly strong collation of followers affectionately known as “dead heads”, the theory is that it was this group who picked up the code and spread it across the country as the band toured. 
The term 4:20 is now so ingrained in the psyche of marijuana seed culture that April 20th has become a celebrated day. Where people gather to smoke pot and celebrate. In modern times, the day has also been used to advocate the legalisation of marijuana. Here at the Single Seed Centre we would like to stress that our seeds are for collection purposes only, we do not condone the cultivation of them under any circumstances.