Festive weed plants lead to trouble.

In Berlin, December 2010 the German police have arrested an elderly man who is now facing possible prosecution for his version of the traditional highest Christmas tree. This took the form of a festively decorated two metre tall marijuana plant.  Koblenz police spokesman Ralf Schomisch says officers raided the apartment of the man following a tip Monday and uncovered a cache of 5.3 ounces (150 grams) of marijuana. Then in the living room they discovered the tree - a pot plant adorned with Christmas lights. The suspect said he had planned to decorate it further and putting presents under it at Christmas.  We sell a range of marijuana seed related products that make the perfect weed addition to a seed collection this Christmas. Weed Seed collecting is a growing trend, that allows you to own a piece of marijuana culture.

Also in the news this month a woman has been arrested in Tampa, Florida after putting her old house plant out in the rubbish. She chose to throw it out because it had grown to 2ft and now didn’t look as cute in her sitting room. She said that she had been given a single seed and it grew into a nice little plant, so she had kept it. The problem being this was a marijuana plant and she chose to get rid of it by placing it on the pavement next to her bin, oblivious to the type of plant that it was. However, the district’s police were not as naive and promptly charged her for cultivation of marijuana.

Here at Worldwide Seeds we offer a fantastic selection of seed, available individually for the marijuana seed collecting connoisseur. We sell seed solely for collection purposes and stress that it is illegal to cultivate marijuana plants in many countries. The culture surrounding weed and its variants is vast and incredibly interesting. For example the medical benefits have been recognised for years. It is known to help with various ailments such as Arthritis; to the extent some countries have medical allowances for the drug. This comes from strictly controlled stock and as such is not available to anyone without a doctor’s permission. Starting a collection of individual marijuana seed and other memorabilia, is a great way to celebrate this symbolic plant.