Cannabis Seeds: The Single Seed Centre offers you the best choice

It is a well-known fact that possession of cannabis is illegal across the majority of the USA. Only a few enlightened states, allow even the consumption of medical marijuana. In sum only 17.5% of the American population has access to cannabis for medicinal purposes. The collection of cannabis seeds is not however, illegal and as such is a great way to invest in the marijuana culture. Humans have been smoking this plant since time unmemorable and as such weed has developed a vast subculture around every faucet of related information.  This has arguably been fuelled over the years by governmental attempts to prohibit the public access to the plants. Cannabis seeds collections are a harmless way to stick a proverbial finger up at the powers that be.  


The reasons given for restricting the consumption of cannabis related products are varied but generally focus on matters of health. Which is somewhat ironic given the document evidence that weed can alleviate the symptoms of common ailments such as arthritis.  There are many ways to gain the benefits of marijuana, with the most common being to cut it with tobacco and enjoy as a joint. However, some people prefer to use more complex apparatus such as a bong, or they prefer to ingest through foodstuffs i.e. Brownies. Many older people enjoy a nice cup of marijuana tea, in fact if you type the term in to a search engine the whole front page will be filled with various recipes.


Here at the single seed centre we offer not just great value packs of cannabis seeds but also the option to hand pick a selection of single seeds. This means that you can expand your collection both exponentially in terms of size but also in the range of cannabis seeds you have. There are several thousand strains of marijuana, with more being developed every day. The different breeds have been established to suit the broad range of consumer that has developed.  For example Strawberry haze has been designed to be an all-round plant and has won many awards for having an enjoyably mild taste. Or the more potent Sensi star which has been developed to pack a punch, this plants produces large amounts of resin per plant.