Cannabis Seeds: Cannabis Bill Introduced in Massachusetts

A ground breaking bill has been introduced in the Massachusetts Legislature seeking to legalize cannabis not just for medical use but for recreational purposes, which would ultimately bring the product under taxation and regulation. This would make the sale of cannabis seeds a lot more open in the as consumers could add to their collection without fear of misunderstanding. Currently in the UK the sale of weed seeds online is acceptable as long as they are sold as memorabilia and strictly not for growth purposes.

The Massachusetts bill is entitled “The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act,” and was drafted by Richard M. Evans, an attorney from Northampton, USA. The bill proposes to legalize the possession, consumption and sale of marijuana for people over 21 and establish a series of licenses requiring annual fees.

The bill heavily features rules concerning cannabis packaging, quality and licensing fees. This can only be a good thing, more than likely bringing the sale of marijuana under the 1920 food and Drugs Act. This would mean that the labelling of the product would have to adhere to strict guidelines; so you would know exactly what strength of cannabis you were buying. The obvious parallel is the Marijuana laws need to be specific, lest they get lost in the mire of “what ifs.” People want to know exactly what they are voting for. The more specific a bill of this nature can be, the less it can be demonized by its numerous opponents.

Massachusetts is going to be another legalization battleground, and it is a place where we have a good chance of winning. But it is up to the cannabis activists of the world and to those in MA who want to see this bill passed.

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