Cannabis Seeds and their uses

It has been claimed that cannabis seeds can be used to create a type of oil that can be used as an element in things such as paints, lacquers, lubricants as well as fuel for things such as lamps. It has also been suggested that the type of fuel that cannabis seeds can produce is capable of powering vehicles, with no pollution and at low costs. Rumour has it that Henry Ford used hemp seeds or cannabis seeds oil when he first built the Model T. It can be said then that Henry Ford was just one of many millions of people over the centuries that have benefited from the alternative uses of cultivated cannabis seeds. Other uses include use in cardboard and other packing materials, chipboards, building materials, cloth, clothes, shoes, rope and paper.

Some believe that as a plant cannabis could be used to prevent the felling of so many trees as it grows faster and as a process, it is much more environmentally friendly. Some go as far as describing the plant as the most efficacious plant on earth. Moreover, there are claims put forward as a result of calculations produced by the Cannabis Biomass Equation that cannabis is a cheaper, safer and more efficient energy source than fossil fuels, uranium or even wind power.

Cannabis also has medicinal uses that have been known for at least 6,000 years discovered from archaeological evidence in Ancient China. It has been found to ease the suffering of people suffering from things such as Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and nausea – particularly in association with chemotherapy. Yet the use of cannabis was made illegal in the USA, as well as many other countries in 1928.

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