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With this in mind, our fingers are always on the pulse of what's going on in the world of cannabis seeds and, since we know how much you guys like to know about what's going on also, we like to collect any relevant cannabis seed news from across the globe - like your own personalised weed seeds news feed!

Within this selection of articles, we look at events in the cannabis world, like the High Times Cannabis Cup; as well as any new strains or genetic leaps that our friends at the seed banks are coming up with. We'll bring together articles about medicinal advancements, the history of the plant and even what impact cannabis has on the world of celebrity.

So from the frontline of seed development to the heated debates around the world about legalisation; from the many ways cannabis culture is represented in music and films, to its use in medical treatments to, we will always look to provide you with a window on the many ways cannabis seeds, plants and weed culture crop up in the news.

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