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Sweet Cheese x SCBDx Quick View

Sweet Cheese x SCBDx

£9.00 GBP

Sweet Cheese is a 70% sativa strain that combines the potency and unique flavor profiles of Cheese and Black Jack It produces long central buds sur...
Swiss Cheese Quick View

Swiss Cheese

£2.00 GBP

Swiss Cheese is a hybrid of Nirvana‰۪s discontinued Swiss Miss and a curious Skunk #1 phenotype that was discovered in the UK and smuggled to Amste...

Swiss Cheese



From £2.00 GBP
Swiss Cheese Auto Quick View

Swiss Cheese Auto

£5.25 GBP

Meet Pepe le Pew‰۪s little niece and boy does she reek. This Swiss Cheese Automatic will knock you of your feet with her penetrating smell. Not sui...
Triple Cheese Quick View

Triple Cheese

£7.25 GBP

A short flowering Blue Cheese crossed with a powerful Original Cheese and over five generations of selections and back-crossing found this magnific...
UK Cheese Auto Quick View

UK Cheese Auto

£9.00 GBP

The most iconic European flavor, bred from the original Exodus Cheese. It has good vegetative growth, and its Skunk lineage provides a long termina...