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Afghan cannabis strains are 100% pure Indica and originate from the Kush mountains of Afghanistan. They have a very high concentration of THC and, while traditionally they are very tall and even unwieldy plants, selective breeding has helped to reduce the size and improve the stability of them.

With only a few leaves, the Afghan plants are easy to trim and heavy in colas. The original Afghan is a hardy plant, having grown in difficult outdoor conditions so she is open to irrigation and trimming. The Indica buzz is a narcotic high and this has helped Afghan become a popular strain not only for consumption but for her genetics too.

Suited for: Interior Exterior zone B/C
Flowering: I) 8-9 weeks E) October - November
Plant height: I) 0.50-0.80m E) 2.00-2.50m
Yield: I) 400 gr/m2 E) 300-400 gr/plant~
Growing difficulty: easy

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