Yeah Weed Is Great, Perhaps Not For 3-Year-Olds

Posted on September 26 2016

The recent viral video of an Arkansas man/teen (he’s 17 but has the voice of a thirty-year-old) passing a blunt to his 3-year-old nephew, rather hilariously exclaiming, “Hit that shit.” As if the use of expletives weren’t enough, the teen passes it to the child for rounds two and three. Reacting to this video can be somewhat problematic as on one hand it is totally fucking funny, as in absolutely hilarious, yet when it comes down to it, the fundamental actions in this video are wrong. The child does not know what he’s doing essentially, on top of that his little lungs will not have fully developed yet.

I mean come on, watching the video for the first time makes you laugh (if you’ve not seen the video in question just google 3-year-old hits blunt or some such title) as it recalls the stuff of memes, not something that happens in real life. You are literally watching a meme being born (don’t quote me on that). But, if you snap back to reality, the video is so ridiculously wrong. The child is essentially taking drugs without his knowledge and years before he’d even be expected to really know what it was he was doing.

It most likely won’t harm him in any way as it is only weed but it’s the principle which is at the most fault. Also, a child’s brain would not really be developed enough or ready to deal with the shock of being stoned/high which could have ramifications.


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  • J: October 03, 2016

    An 8 day old baby needs around a quarter of a gram to be considered “circumcized” by the word of God.

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