Would You Get High With Your Pets?

Posted on October 10 2016

I’m going to be a tad presumptuous here and consider everyone who reads this to be some level of stoner, so chances are many of you get high pretty regularly. Chances are many people may get high alone, I know I do sometimes, sometimes I like it other times I kind of feel lonely. To the people who smoke alone, I ask you this would you get high with your pet if no one else was available?

A new craze sweeping the marijuana industry sees medical marijuana products tailored for pets hitting the market. While these products don’t necessarily get your pets stoned, they aim more so to alleviate any pain your pets may be feeling. With the world's general affinity for cats and dogs, this did seem like an inevitable next step, which will presumably be followed by a way to properly communicate with the animals.

This innovation goes some way to showing that marijuana is, in fact, a universal wonder of sorts, with one skunk owner (the animal not weed) claiming that her skunk had all but stopped eating until she started giving it CBD oil infused treats, which caused the skunks eating habits to return to normal.

While this is all well and good, it does kind of kill my dream of smoking a doob or two with my pet tortoise. However, he is already pretty chill anyway so I can just smoke one to myself and it will seem like he’s stoned as well.



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