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Posted on January 03 2017

No, I’m not about to reveal to you an underground global web of marijuana and drug supply, I am, however, going to run through a few countries over the next few days who have either very different views on marijuana in terms of it’s legality, or just the ones you never really hear about. With the outlook for marijuana reform looking that little bit less bright, maybe it’s the right time to take your love for cannabis on tour. From the secrecy of the Far East to the vast cities of Europe, marijuana is pretty much everywhere, however, in some places it is more accepted than others. Some places where it is accepted or tolerated have become popular tourist destinations, the how and why of which is normally pretty obvious.

North Korea

For the first instalment I decided to go with North Korea as an example, I have briefly discussed this topic in blog posts gone by, however, recently I have seen a higher level of interest in terms of how the country views marijuana, therefore it seemed only right to return to the subject.

North Korea remains one of the most mysterious places in the world, it’s not like a remote jungle, but rather it is populated as any other country, yet it is very much a hermit kingdom ruled by a dictator who keeps what goes on in inside the country private from the rest of the world and presumably the goings on in the rest of the world are largely unknown to Koreans. It hardly seems like a liberal, bohemian paradise, however, marijuana is thought to be completely legal in North Korea.

Marijuana, known as ‘yoksam’ in North Korea, is not recognised by any formal law as a drug. This may indicate that there is no formal law confirming or controlling its legality either. Based on a number of reports from journalists and tourists, it is certainly not frowned upon to light up a joint in public places, parks, on the street or even in a restaurant. It is apparently used as medicine by and grown by workers to soothe aches and pains. As well as this marijuana is also apparently very, very cheap to buy, with a whole grocery bag full costing around $0.80.



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