Wine to Weed? Wine country company to offer cannabis tastings

Posted on July 07 2016

The Napa valley in California is a Mecca for American and global wine enthusiasts. It has been turnings out world beating wines for decades, and now boasts some of the top wineries and vineyards across the globe. A wine tasting in Napa valley is the stuff that middle class dreams are made of and their popularity is absolutely booming.

California also has a reputation for some fantastic cannabis and a company based in San Anselmo has taken to launching their own cannabis tastings. Cannabis tasting sessions aren’t exactly new. They’ve been around for a little while and have been gaining in popularity since the advent of legalisation across the United States. What’s more impressive is they’re getting out of the backrooms of dispensaries and out into the open, even in non-recreational states.

HerbaBuena Social Club was started by Alicia Rose and Brant Hindman to expose people to a type of organically grown cannabis that they might not have been seeing before. They’ve been putting on tasting events for medical users that want to vape organic bud. One such event took place recently in a Chinese apothecary, which was surrounded by Eastern herbs, so you won’t be surprised that HerbaBuena means ‘Good Herb’ in Spanish.

Much like wine tastings, much is made of the source and ‘terroir’ of the plants that the tasters are consuming. You’re told about the way they’re grown, the soil and the overall atmosphere that gives each plant its own individual taste. There’s always been something about wine in California that can’t be put into words, and the same is true of its cannabis. It’s a joining of mind, body and spirit with the plant that produces some fantastic results.

Of course, not all of it stands up to scientific inspection: Rose suggested that older smokers who are returning to the medicinal benefits of cannabis with the end of prohibition might notice that something else is a bit different – no feeling of paranoia. She explained that cannabis grown in the shadows under fear of prosecution, likely holds that paranoid energy. Conversely, when grown with good intent and consumed with a goal of well-being, one enjoys a remarkably pleasant, relaxing, and satisfying experience.

That’s probably not actually the case, the paranoia comes from the way cannabis works on your ends-cannabinoid system, not some spiritual energy, but each to their own. As long as people are getting out their and enjoying cannabis, that’s the main thing.



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