Will Marijuana Catch Up With Alcohol?

Posted on November 21 2016

Perhaps the answer to this is never, but I think it is certainly possible for marijuana to gain acceptance in a similar way to alcohol, though perhaps not to the same extent. Alcohol will probably be around for essentially ever, due to it being employed in a number of ways across a number of demographics, from social occasions to hardcore partying. It would probably take marijuana a while to be widely accepted in all the same circles, but if recent legalisations are anything to go by, it’s is certainly looking a lot more possible than it did a few years ago.

Many people view marijuana as simply marijuana, as opposed to sativa, indica and ruderalis and the many strains which come under each banner. True connoisseurs, as with alcohol, will know which weed is superior in terms of quality and generally which ones suit them better. Having some knowledge of marijuana other than the basics certainly helps, as it will prevent people from having bad experiences if they know how to pick and choose their weed.

A lot of the bad rep with marijuana comes from inexperienced smokers smoking marijuana which is too strong for them, such as street-level chemical-blasted skunk, which causes them to have a bad time. This is the equivalent of having like half a bottle of vodka or whiskey as your first ever alcoholic drink. It certainly wouldn’t end well. The only way to really ensure this doesn’t happen is to legalise marijuana and raise awareness of it’s different strains, types and strengths.



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