Will Marijuana Arrests Become A Thing Of The Past?

Posted on November 14 2016

Marijuana arrests are frustrating from an outsider's perspective as well, I imagine, infinitely more frustrating and probably very upsetting. The idea that you can receive a prison sentence for what seems like such a minor thing to anyone who does it is pretty odd. In fact I can’t remember the last time I got paranoid about having marijuana in my possession, it just doesn’t happen, and that may be largely down to the fact that many police officers do not seem to care much more about marijuana.

The main thinking behind this could be or should be rather that America has problems extremely more prescient than upholding laws against a substance which has very few impacts upon one's personal health as well as the fact that it is very rare that a stoned person would cause any damage to the public. I mean, it’s not like alcohol which leads to arrests for crimes such as being drunk and disorderly, it’s just arrests for the sake of having it really, I mean obviously there’s intent to supply but this should only really apply to larger amounts, and it could be taken off the field by legalisation.

At the end of the day, marijuana is receiving widespread legalisation, much of which we have covered in the past few days. This slew of legalisations in bigger states may indicate that arrests for paltry ‘crimes’ like marijuana possession will become a thing of the past. I for one am hopeful for a better tomorrow, especially with all the negativity in the world.  



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