Why you should be using Bitcoin instead of banks to buy cannabis seeds

Posted on July 19 2017

If you have ever operated in any way within the cannabis industry, whether this is as a consumer, customer, grower, seed bank or vendor,  you will know that banks will attempt to stifle and foil you at nearly every turn. Bank’s just do not like any words or items associated with ‘cannabis’ and therefore you may encounter some payment problems. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which has been used for a fair few years now yet still continues to rise in popularity and with good reason, there are a number of benefits which come with using this digital currency.

We offer discounts for Bitcoin users so as to encourage people to use the currency, this isn't just for our benefit, however, it makes the transaction run smoother for both parties involved.Many are under the impression that Bitcoin is in some way 'shady' or not all that safe, however, all transactions are recorded and stored digitally, this means that unlike a bank, no matter what happens there will still be some record of transaction available.

If you would like to find out how to use Bitcoin, for instance how to send and receive Bitcoin, there is a handy guide by The Single Seed Centre.

Here is a brief guide on how Bitcoin works.

Create Wallet & Get Bitcoins

Create a Bitcoin wallet where you can securely store bitcoins.

 a) Add Payment Method (Credit/Debit/Bank Acct).
 b) Buy Bitcoins.

Order on Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

 a) Choose Pay by Bitcoin and complete Checkout.
 b) Copy Bitcoin Address & Amount.

Pay Worldwide Marijuana Seeds with Bitcoins

Send Bitcoins from your wallet to Worldwide Marijuana Seeds.
a) Send Bitcoin to Worldwide Marijuana Seeds. Use Bitcoin Address & Amount given previously in step 2.

    IMPORTANT: You only have 15 minutes to pay the Bitcoin invoice before it expires - if it does expire you will need to either make a new order or get in touch with us so we handle the payment directly.




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