Why Is Synthetic Marijuana A Thing?

Posted on August 23 2016

This is a question that has baffled me for years and I’m still uncertain who’s bright idea it was to make synthetic weed or ‘legal highs’ an actual thing, but nonetheless they happened. Legal Highs as they are generally known had somewhat of a renaissance in England a couple of years back, I, at the time was at a college taking my A-Levels, and whenever I’d go into the town centre for my lunch I would see pairs or small groups of kids, ranging from about thirteen to probably about twenty If I’m honest, walking around like mindless zombies or huddled in corners or even just sat staring into space.

Normally I would’ve presumed this to be just the byproduct of a large town, in quite close proximity to two cities, with somewhat of a reputation for drug abuse and addiction, however in certain areas you would find a smell lingering in the air which smelt so foul, like a mix of something rotten and ammonia, that you couldn’t help but notice. Smelling this smell made everything click for me as it was reminiscent of a substance called ‘Herbal Haze’ I’d smoked about a year prior to this which, after smoking it on a camping trip, gave me the strangest feeling, especially because I thought it was some particularly bad tasting weed. This stuff made me trip like I was losing consciousness and kept waking up in a different place, yet I’d obviously walked but had no recollection.

This explained the zombified teens.At first I just passed it off as the new generation of teens just being built of sterner stuff than I, however when I saw that number of people had nearly died from substances with names such as ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ and that people were still smoking the stuff I realised this had become a genuine problem, not like kids smoking a bit of ganja and chilling out on the streets, they may look a bit imposing, but ultimately they pose little danger to others or themselves.

These 'legal highs' were like a clusterfuck of everything you wouldn’t want to take in one green substance which looked genuinely like cannabis. Kind of like how ‘Diet Coke’ was introduced as a healthier version of ‘Coca-Cola’ but in reality it just replaced sugar with a ton of other worse chemicals. I’ve seen my friends smoke it to varied effect, including passing out, but most people i’ve seen smoke them ended up vomiting or becoming a zombie for at least an hour.

Now it seems that ‘legal highs’ are a thing of the past, for the UK at least, but I have seen recently that there have been a number of deaths and illness that can seemingly be related to synthetic marijuana in the US, most recently with a high amount of people taken ill in Downtown LA linked to having smoked ‘spice’.



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