Why Does Everyone Get The Wrong Idea About Stoners?

Posted on December 20 2016

Whilst Marijuana is slowly progressing towards mainstream culture in a more positive way, most leading figures in society and media personalities still distance themselves from the topic. Part of this is due to the stigma surrounding people who smoke marijuana as lazy and unproductive members of society. This stigma still stands even after numerous professionals have admitted to having smoked marijuana either in the past or consistently whilst maintaining a career. So here I am going to debunk the myths and misconceptions which seek to alienate those who smoke weed from the rest of society.

The most common misconception would be the aforementioned, sweeping generalisation that all stoners are lazy, jobless and without ambition which is based purely on a leftover stereotype of 60’s hippies. Over 50 years on you would expect this stigma to have diminished, yet among many employers it subsides. However it has given rise to somewhat of a creative boom amongst younger people who have grown sick and tired of the general corporate types stereotyping.

Another stereotype that couples nicely with the last one, with more ignorant members of society, is that stoners are unhealthy and perhaps lack sporting ability. With the revelation a few years back that Olympic gold medal horder Michael Phelps was a big-time stoner went some way towards debunking this myth. Obviously if you are physically very lazy you are likely to lack sporting ability and general good health however this is rarely caused by smoking marijuana however it is possible it would enhance your laziness but you’d have to be lazy to begin with.

The other major misconception you will experience is from the kind of people that consider weed a ‘dangerous drug’ and tar it with the same brush as dangerous drugs like heroin or crack. These kind of people will blame you and suspect you for things going missing or wrong and view you as a ‘drug-addict’ and unfit for proper roles in society. This arguably the most dangerous stereotype as it can ruin people’s lives and possibly prevent people from progressing financially. It is also probably furthest from the truth as weed generally makes people act calmer as opposed to the erratic behaviour which can be exhibited by people on cocaine and harder drugs.


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