Why Do The Feds Always Drug Bust The Elderly?

Posted on October 11 2016

Anyone being busted for small amounts of marijuana could be considered an injustice, as, to be honest, it harms essentially no one, and you can’t exactly brand a singular plant as ‘intent to supply’. Bearing this in mind, it seems all the more strange that many drug raids I read about online turn out to be nothing but a 70+ year old with a plant or two which they harvest to help with medical conditions. Now I’m not one to stereotype so I can’t rule out that these pensioners don’t actually sell drugs, however, a single plant or two is hardly going to flood the streets with marijuana is it?

The obvious answer is no, in fact, that may be the only answer, it’s perfectly reasonable for an elderly person or anyone really to grow weed to help themselves physically or mentally. Medical marijuana is something that, to me, doesn’t really make sense to be legalised in a handful of states, surely if it can be legal in one it should be legal in all.

This does, however, draw up a huge problem with the so-called ‘war on drugs’ which is that they don’t seem great at information gathering. This misinformation or mistakes can prove costly, and with what’s been happening with the general police recently across America it shows that it can prove fatal for certain people. While I don’t agree with much of the ‘war on drugs’ I can understand why busting a large scale weed dealer may be justified, a grow for personal is hardly criminal activity and is definitely not profitable from a monetary standpoint.



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