Why cannabis should be widely accepted

Posted on June 23 2017

When I first started smoking cannabis it was taboo. You couldn’t even really talk about it with other kids outside of your social group. God forbid your mum and dad found out. Well, at least it’s sometimes like this, some places are far more accepting than others. You would have to resort to far out fields, under gloomy bridges or, if their parents were away or even accepting, a friend's house. When I speak to friends who grew up in other areas some of them find this shocking, telling me how it was acceptable to smoke in many places a lot more public, or at least they weren’t persecuted or god forbid prosecuted for it.

 But where I grew up it most definitely wasn’t accepted, to begin with at least, later in life, I found things to be a little different. Perhaps it is to do with a change of crowds but as I have gotten older I have found that generally, people don’t really care about the fact that you like to get stoned. I have found that loads of people love to get high on pretty much anyone's supply. My main theory is that once people grow up a bit and see the real world, they realise that there is no end to a number of things that are worse than marijuana, a little bit of grass pales in comparison with life’s true problems.

 The people are pretty laissez-faire when it comes to cannabis, official bodies and governments, however, are not so much. Cannabis is still illegal in Britain. Although it is legal in some areas of America it is still not fully accepted, there are still those who seek to reverse the progressive reform which has been made in conjunction with cannabis.

 Take Attorney General Jeff Sessions for instance, who seems to be ignoring many of America’s other social and legal problems in favour of aggressively attacking the cannabis industry. Not only does this seem unnecessary but it seems negligent and misguided.



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