Why cannabis is not a gateway drug

Posted on October 23 2017

Your trajectory in life looks pretty bleak once you get past that first toke on a joint doesn’t it? Well, that is what the powers that be would have you believe, however, those a little more clued up on what cannabis is actually like know this is just a little bit less than accurate. I am continuously surprised and ever more tired that this lazy, cartoon stoner type stereotype still subsides to this day. Like most stereotypes, the one previously mentioned is extremely outdated in the modern world. On top of this, cannabis is often viewed as an entry point of sorts which will begin your descent on the path towards drug addiction and abuse. Naturally, I will explain to you, or at least attempt to, why this is not the case.

To kick things off, anyone who knows anything about harder drugs, for instance cocaine, knows that they are in no way similar to cannabis other than the fact that they are illegal in many areas and both classified as ‘drugs’. Cannabis relaxes but does not utterly incapacitate a person like other, harder drugs, referring again to cocaine but more so to the hardest drugs like heroin.

On top of this, based on the majority of evidence out there, cannabis does not give regular users physical withdrawal symptoms and is therefore not considered addictive, you’ve heard of ‘coke-heads’ and ‘crackheads’ but the gentler term ‘stoner’ is more often applied to cannabis users, omitting the word head presumably because it does not have a hold on your head so to speak.

To finish the argument off, it is essentially impossible to die from cannabis usage, you would have to work miracles (or the negative version of miracle) to achieve the herculean task of overdosing on cannabis.



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