Why Australia Could Be The Future For Marijuana Growers

Posted on October 31 2016

As of a couple of hours ago, medical marijuana has been green-lit as legal in Australia. This means as a grower you can apply for a license to grow marijuana in what is essentially a tropical paradise. This new law comes as part of the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 which sees Marijuana legalized to be grown for medical purposes, on top of medical marijuana already being legal, which is great given the lack of supply available for those who consider themselves in need of medical cannabis. Even though medical marijuana has been legal in Australia for some time, given Australia’s geographical location, obtaining and importing the substance has been somewhat difficult for patients.

Lawmakers in Australia have emphasised that this law does not in any way mean that marijuana has been decriminalised for recreational use in the country. While this is unfortunate, it is more of a step forward in general than a setback, as if any other countries are anything to go on, complete legalisation may soon be on the way within the next couple of years.

This is great, because let's be honest, Australia is a veritable tropical paradise, seriously, the country is full of natural beauty and also the people are pretty nice and generally jolly. It is unsure what the rules will be for non-native patients, but it may turn out to be a key location, for those looking to escape a potentially disastrous result of America’s upcoming election. While medicinal cannabis is generally legal across America, I can’t help but feel like this election may lead to this country going way downhill, however, I cannot say for certain but i’d like to keep my options open.



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