Where Not To Buy Weed

Posted on October 17 2016

I’m sure everyone’s been given a bad deal when it comes to weed, whether it is just too small or the weed itself could just be awful, sometimes to the extent that you wonder if it’s even got you high or if it’s all just placebo. However, the signs are generally all there which indicate the guys you can and the guys you can’t trust to buy bud off. Once you reach a certain point in life chances are you will meet that one dealer who will sell pretty much constantly, and will become your go to guy, however, anything can happen therefore it is always good to be prepared.

There’s been so many times, when I was younger, that I’ve felt as if I’ve been ripped off when buying weed. After a couple of times you get some sense of the type of people who are generally going to screw you over a bit. However, as with anything, it is always good to expect the unexpected. I have generally found that the guy who sends texts out constantly is the kind of guy who has got a bad ounce or two in and is trying to get rid of it as quick as possible. This may not necessarily be a bad person if it’s once or twice they go through phases of doing this, however, if this is constant they most likely always have shit stuff.

On the reverse side of this, it is also likely that the guy who rarely texts you also doesn’t have the goods. The kind of guy who has gotten used to being everyone in town’s ‘last resort’ due to his generally shitty bud. While this may seem impossible, to find the dealer who texts you the right amount, it’s just something you can generally tell. Generally the guys who are the latest also have the worst weed. As the ones who treat it like a proper business have generally got the loudest of the loud. Obviously if you live in an area where dispensaries are a thing, just go there if you can, the weed will be most likely always good.



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