When cannabis crosses over

Posted on November 29 2017

Cannabis, though now much more at the forefront of society in America as well as across the globe, is still somewhat of a counterculture topic, some may even say an icon. However, there are a number of factors which hint towards cannabis crossing over into the mainstream, and not in the way that a musician does at the expense of what made them likeable in the first place, thus costing them their credibility. While that may be one negative of certain musicians, there is no arguing, however, the level of influence they have over popular culture and how important they have been in bringing cannabis into the mainstream, from their lyrical content, fashion sense to their general lifestyles supporting cannabis, I’m looking at you Snoop and Wiz.

One of the major positives of cannabis being used as part of a celebrity's brand is that essentially all press is likely to be good press in this context.  Appropriation is not an issue in this case, as cannabis is there for everyone and anyone’s pleasure or medical needs, the only thing standing in it’s way is negative stigma, something which we may be rid of with the help of celebrity advocates and endorsements.

These days, you have high fashion brands heavily referencing cannabis in their designs (which have subsequently been worn by aforementioned musicians) with designer Jeremy Scott altering the Adidas logo, in his collaboration with the German sportswear giant, to look like the classic green cannabis leaf motif. Even more blatant would be contemporary clothier Vetements releasing a necklace/pendant which was quite literally a functioning grinder.

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