What Wouldn't You Eat If You Had The Munchies?

Posted on September 13 2016

Please note the food pictured above does not indeed fall into the category of things I wouldn't eat while stoned.

It’s no secret that weed and food go hand in hand, well at least it shouldn’t be, and sometimes when you’re stoned, your desire for food becomes almost insatiable that it goes from ‘want’ to ‘need’ really quick. So, therefore, I pose this question, what wouldn’t you eat? Essentially what are your limits when it comes to the munchies?

Now I will presume that people would not eat food intended to be consumed by animals (dog/cat food etc) as not only does the thought repulse me but I'd imagine it does you too if it doesn’t it definitely should. I have previously pondered what, I myself would never want to consume under any circumstances, the main one I can think of would be canned meats, as they look as bad as they taste. No meat should be tightly packed into a can, that is repulsive and it just can’t be good for you anyway.

On top of canned meats, there are a variety of processed foods which I would rather not eat when stoned, a big one being overtly sweet treats jam such as twinkies, which while nice, only allow you to eat like one or two, whereas when stoned you will want to eat them all.

I will end this article on a positive, by briefly discussing the best stoner snacks, or simply my favourite stoner snack or snacks. My favourite stoner snacks are mostly potato chips unless pizza and fried chicken are available obviously, this is not something I can justify in any sense, however, they taste like actual, real food in spite of whatever preservatives and artificial flavourings. Also, you can get a variety of healthier chips like plantain chips and other such slightly more organic ones.



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