What Would Mainstream Marijuana Marketing Look Like?

Posted on October 19 2016

Yesterday I discussed the flaws in terms of advertising used by anti-pot campaigns, particularly pertaining to their use of television adverts. Today, however, I’d like to step in a more positive direction and imagine what adverts in support of marijuana would look like if marijuana were to be legal in a similar sense as alcohol. This would mean it would only be able to appeal to a target audience containing at least 70% over 21 and would have to encourage that audience to be responsible with their consumption and intoxication. The tricky thing with marketing marijuana would be the wide variety of strains, dispensaries, and growers, for instance, how would a grower like Barney’s Farm advertise all their strains and where you could grab the finished product all in one advert?

The easy answer is that they couldn’t, it simply wouldn’t work, to that end, I would suggest a more thematic approach, perhaps advertise state by state by identifying which strains to advertise based upon popularity or lack thereof. In terms of advertising for dispensaries, this would also be pretty simple, those who would like to be advertised as vendors would have to invest and pay money for the advert to promote their business. Just as with any other consumer based business really, turns out this whole marijuana malarky is pretty legit.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, the funner part of what to actually put in the advert can be discussed. As with alcohol, you don’t want to influence people into smoking marijuana, you want to more so appeal to people who already smoke it or those who are open to the idea of smoking it, the major rule being not to appeal to young people. Celebrity endorsement is common in adverts, and there are many celebs who vocally and publicly support marijuana anyway so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Many alcohol adverts focus on parties and social events, however, marijuana has a slightly different effect so perhaps adverts which focus on something outdoors, maybe an area with a picturesque view on a nice day would be appropriate.

Bear in mind these are only basic ideas, however, if you were to elaborate upon these and put everything together properly you could have a top notch advert for pot.



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