What Will A Trump Presidency Mean For Cannabis?

Posted on November 10 2016

Given the seeming inconsistency of Trump’s marijuana views, it is safe to say that many Americans are a bit scared of what the new POTUS may declare in terms of marijuana laws, reform and sanctions. It may be a case of him doing very little at all with them and just leaving them as they are and letting the current situation carry on, he may sympathise and bring about major reform in key areas not already legalised or there is the obvious idea that he could enforce federal laws prohibiting marijuana severely.

Trump has given a mix message on marijuana, with many members of his camp as well as the Republican party as a whole being almost wholly against marijuana reform and I would imagine they would be pretty trigger-happy when it comes to siccing the DEA on states where marijuana prohibition is a thing of the past.

The prevailing message from the horse's mouth (Donald Trump’s) is ‘if they vote for it, they vote for it’ which, for a Republican, is an extraordinarily progressive stance, in fact it’s even more progressive than many Democrats. However, this laissez faire attitude towards drug reform is not one held by Trump’s potential advisers and cabinet. Trump is keen to add advisers Rudy Giuliani (ex-NYC mayor) and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the Justice Department, and this may spell doom as both have taken strict stances in opposition to marijuana in the past, with Christie going as far as to promise the enforcement of federal law upon marijuana.

This idea of uncertainty when it comes to marijuana reform is nothing new, now the difference is the level of unpredictability and the potential consequences, it’s looking more likely that the new government could usher in a golden age or a dark age for marijuana.



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