What Not To Do When You're Stoned

Posted on December 05 2016

While there are many substantial lists and pieces written about what you should watch, eat and just generally do whilst stoned, however, there are few substantial lists on what to avoid whilst you’re stoned so as to get the most of your high. Or rather perhaps I should say lists written by non anti-pot campaigns or critics, whilst I am obviously biased as well, the outright dismissal of something in an informative article is somewhat useless and not informative for the most part. On top of this many of the aforementioned articles are aimed at first time smokers only and therefore include gems of information such as ‘don’t smoke too much’ without really explaining what too much is and what the different effects of different marijuana are.

I’m not really going to give you a list but rather a few words of advice on how to get the most out of your time spent stoned, in a way that may be beneficial to novices and veterans alike.

If you’re not careful when you’re stoned you can find yourself in a trance-like state some refer to as ‘monging out’ which can leave one not really doing anything for a period of time. This isn’t merely a stoned thing exclusively, in fact I believe a large number of people in their everyday life find themselves trapped in the cycle of scrolling and scrolling down Facebook and Instagram feeds. This is something you should avoid, especially when stoned. On top of this, you should probably avoid things that may upset you or cause you to worry, while many consider marijuana to make you paranoid, often times I see it as merely making you think and overthink which can be both a valuable asset and an unfortunate situation to be in.

Overall I’d say that much of what you don’t want to do whilst stoned should be a no-brainer, and you should really just do things which you would find productive, fulfilling and most of all enjoyable.



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