What Malia Obama Smoking Pot Tells Us

Posted on August 11 2016

In terms of new, previously undiscovered facts about eighteen-year-olds this yields no new discoveries. However what this shows about her as a child of the President is that she’s  just like a normal kid really, if you want to compare her to the children of Obama’s predecessors just bear in mind that George Bush senior’s son invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Miss Obama was not caught drinking or involved in any sort of sex scandal, nor was she seen absolutely wrecked falling around in a field like most festival goers. I’m sure if Malia had thrown up and been absolutely shit-faced after, there would be an abundance of pictures across the internet, so, in general I’d say, Miss Obama not only coped better than most for what I’m presuming was her first time but also maintained her dignity well.

One of the headlines read ‘Malia Obama Turnt The Hell Up And Twerking At Lollapalooza’ now I don’t mean any disrespect to the author over at Barstool Sports when I say that I doubt their credibility in terms of being able to judge the situation if they consider a bit of a joint and a slight boogie to be ‘Turnt the Hell Up’ but maybe I just get out more.

Overall I’d say this absolute outrage at Malia Obama highlights a problem with society, wherein we hold not only The President and his family but celebrities in general in such a high regard that we dehumanise them. We view them as larger than life and fail to realise that they are still human with deep flaws, most way deeper than smoking a bit of weed at a festival, remember that Malia Obama has gotten into Harvard so she’s got to be doing something right. It’s not like she’s Prince Harry who got caught smoking weed at sixteen, went to rehab, got a B in art and a D in geography at A-level and still managed to do alright for himself. However this does show a strange link between the two wherein Malia Obama is viewed as going off the rails whereas, Prince Harry is viewed as a ‘lad’ and somewhat of a hero in England.


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  • Ruby Rod: August 11, 2016

    You really should have put “if you want to compare her to the children of Obama’s predecessors just bear in mind that George Bush senior’s son was 42 years old when Senior became president.” Don’t think comparing what GwB did after he became president to what kids of presidents are caught doing makes much sense here.

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