What makes cannabis so great?

Posted on December 12 2017

I ask this question to two people, me and you, and for two reasons, I like discussing the positives of weed and I like hearing other people talk about the virtues of cannabis. Too often do I see or suffer from the overriding stereotype that stoners are inherently lazy and in some cases stupid. This is not the case, however, you only need look at some of the world’s famous stoners, from Hunter. S. Thompson to Steve Jobs, this is merely a generalisation that should not tar us all but unfortunately still does. I’m sure some stoners are lazy, just as I’m certain that there are enough non-smokers who are lazy, the point is, cannabis doesn’t naturally make you lazy, you do! Cannabis can make you creative, thoughtful, funny and indulgent, which is why I love it.

To reiterate the point Seth Rogen’s character in Pineapple ExpressDale, makes at the start of the film; weed makes everything better. Not in the sense that it cures all ailments (some, jury is still out on all) but in the sense that everything becomes more enjoyable, every activity more pleasurable, every film is funnier, and everything in between just exudes a vibrancy that it lacked prior to that first joint. I often find that my brain is saturated by ridiculous yet brilliant (at least in my mind, heh) ideas which I didn’t have prior to that first joint.

You may notice a recurring character beginning to develop within this tale, that of the first joint, a legendary figure heralded by many as the harbinger of good times.

To round this off, this should go some way to explaining why I love marijuana, I’m sure you will join me in the future for the home straight as I fully divulge my love for bud!

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  • AndrejVoorhees: September 14, 2018

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