What Makes A Good Stoner Film?

Posted on October 27 2016

Stoner Films are practically an American staple now, which is good, really good. But with the saturation of these films, it does unfortunately mean that some aren’t as good as others. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any that are inherently bad, but there are some which I know for a fact are enjoyed by non-stoners. As extensions of the classic buddy movie, the formula remains somewhat the same, generally about a group of friends or a duo, but it adds marijuana for good, no scratch that, GREAT measure.

My personal favorite is Half Baked, my love for Dave Chappelle aside, it’s just a great film. It’s generally upbeat, and it shows a somewhat noble side to drug dealing, well sort of, either way Chappelle’s character starts selling weed with an eye to pay his friends bail and bust him out of jail, before the lure of money gets the better of him and he continues to sell.

The formula seems to rely heavily on the bond between friends (normally they bond over weed) mixed with a large dose of humor and giving the characters a small dilemma of which they have to get themselves out of. Stoner flicks have to be a bit over the top and ridiculous, and they should probably include a healthy dose of characters with the munchies.

I’ll end by saying I’m not sure what makes a good film, but I know what I like to see, the relatable mixed with the ridiculous. One of my personal favorites would be the cheetah scene in Harold and Kumar.



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