What is the highest CBD strain?

Posted on June 20 2016

If the question of what is the highest THC containing strain available wasn’t an easy one to answer, then I’m not expecting this one to be any easier. CBD is the the acronym for Cannabidiol, which is often touted as a non psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for much of the pain killing and medicinal effects of marijuana. This means that strains that are high in CBD are often targeted by those who use marijuana primarily for medicinal reasons. CBD has been known to reduce anxiety in some people as well as possibly reducing the size of some tumours.

Picking a strain high in CBD but low in THC allows medical users to gain the healing properties of the marijuana plant without having to deal with the side effect of getting high. One of the first well known strains of high CBD cannabis was Charlotte’s Web, a high CBD strain developed by the Stanley brothers in Colorado to combat the seizures of a three year old girl with epilepsy. Amazingly, this 20% CBD strain helped with seizures enormously, helping to spread the word about CBD based cannabis medicine around the globe.

Charlotte, the girl who the strain was invented for and named after suffered from a very rare type of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome and was suffering around 50 seizures a day. Once an oil based extract of the strain was created to help ease her symptoms, the amount of seizures was reduced dramatically and helped Charlotte’s quality of life tremendously.

So what is the highest CBD strain available to people today?

We’re going to go buy cannabis cup winners here, but remember that CBD strains are often most effective when used in extracts that concentrate the amount of cannabinoids in the amount that you’re taking. This means that having the very highest CBD strain isn’t as important as making sure that it has the right cannabinoids in for the task at hand.

The other thing to note is that due to the way individual plants express their genes, sometimes these plants wont always give you very high THC, sometimes its trial and error until you can find a great phenotype to clone (if you were growing in a legal state).


CBD OG by Cali Connection Seeds clocks in at over 20% CBD with about 3-7% THC. It comes from a Lions Tabernacle crossed with a Tahoe OG and has a 60 day flowering time, meaning your turn around for medicine won’t be as long as some other strains. It yields on average 300g per square meter as well, which will keep you in medicine for a while

Buy the seeds here: http://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/products/cali-connection-cbd-og




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