What Is The Biggest Threat To The Marijuana Industry?

Posted on December 12 2016

Marijuana is in a seemingly constant state of flux in terms of being safe and supported one week to being under threat the next. In the first half of this year marijuana strengthened its position in the country and looked close to becoming a mainstream feature of modern America, yet in the past couple of months, many have begun to arise in opposition to this reform. With the rise of Trump, and seemingly also right wing supporters, anti-marijuana campaigns have gained much more steam.

While Trump himself has appeared somewhat indifferent to marijuana, he is still a Republican and therefore many members of his cabinet will be strongly against pot legalization. Trump’s new attorney general Jeff Sessions appears to be a big opponent and threat to marijuana reform, having stated his opposition to it previously, however, no official statement has been made by Sessions or Trump pertaining to their views on marijuana now that things have changed in their favour.

However, while it may be true that Jeff Sessions is hardly a marijuana advocate, it does seem highly unlikely that Sessions would spend time repealing and reversing marijuana reform across the country. Not only would this be completely ridiculous, federal law interfering on this level is unheard of since the prohibition era meaning that it is unlikely that the new government would want to appear this regressive from the off. Alongside this, it would also be extremely difficult and time consuming to attack and reverse state law in this way, obviously if it were to be put to vote, it’s possible but again that would be time consuming also.

On top of the political views on marijuana, also there is a seeming lack of research on marijuana which is available to the mainstream, in newspapers or online publications let alone TV. While the research into the benefits of medical marijuana is out there, marijuana is rarely reported on by the mainstream media other than for it’s supposed failings.



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