What is everyone's problem with cannabis?

Posted on December 01 2017

Marijuana is practically front page news across America these days, after all, it’s either that or this farce of an election and I know which many people would rather hear more of. The only problem is, not all the press is good press, as comes with a high level of attention, many times it is polarizing meaning that opinion is split. It’s the same with music, television, and films, once something reaches a level of popularity, the critics and cynics gain a higher platform upon which to speak. Marijuana, however, is slightly different in the sense that it’s naysayers and critics have been prevalent from day one, in fact they would still be ahead of marijuana in terms of popularity if not for having run out of negative things to say about the substance, all the while new potential arises from cannabis seemingly every day. From it’s seemingly vast, almost untapped, medical potential all the way to simply making people happy via recreational use, marijuana is great so why does it have a bad reputation in 2017?

The main reason, no scratch that, every reason why marijuana has a bad rep arises from it being illegal in many areas still, and in other areas, it’s reputation from the long time it spent illegal still upholds.

Many people view marijuana in a negative way merely because it is or was illegal, without any evidence, many non-stoners view marijuana as dangerous and fail to see the benefit legalization would reap. A similar thing happens with many things, people complain about the finite chance of danger with certain things, for example, the chemicals and strength of street-level marijuana, without seeing that legalization would bring about better regulation in terms of marijuana’s strength and chemical makeup.

Alongside the apparent dangers to one's health, the fact that marijuana is still illegal keeps a large portion of the drug trade going. Whilst there is still drug violence related to marijuana, many will still be able to, bizarrely, use this as an excuse as to why marijuana is bad. This is purely ridiculous to me, if it were legal this problem would all but disappear.

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  • Jon Brady: December 07, 2017

    I whole heartedly agree! I am not a current user but I do support the legalization of marijuana. It’s time for people to realize that the benefits DO out weigh the negative exposure the marijuana has always received.

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